Fossile driven economy - debt crisis

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 For a very long period, the human economic system was mainly limited to energy consumption from the renewable energy sources, and that development was therefore quite slow. The rapid economic development in the last couple of centuries, have very much been based on the use of terminated energy sources.

 Energy the ecosphere stored a long time ago - put in economical terms; saved. If we stick to this economical terminology, we can put the question: Are we using this reserve to invest in a development which can benefit humanity ??It is healthy economics to use saved capital if you invest it wisely - but are we doing that ??
More figures about the relation between energy and economy
 There is a direct connection between the financial capital accumulated by the production and use of fossil fuels and the debt crisis and poverty in non-industrial countries.
 This of course causes giant social problems - The global distribution of wealth is more unequal than ever
 On the other hand the use of fossile fuels also cause giant ecological problems:
Sierra Leone: CO2 emission per capita: 0,1
Nigeria: CO2 emission per capita: 0,6
Denmark: CO2 emission per capita: 10,1
USA: CO2 emission per capita: 19,8

Here's an illustration of a possible strategy and its consequences:
 The sun is the one true energy source - it warms our planet, provides energy for photosynthesis in plants, and creates wind. In the future, farmers will harvest not only food and crops for trading, but also energy crops. PV systems can provide high quality lighting, windpower can pump water or generate electricity, and plant oil can be used to provide heavy duty mechanical power necessary for agricultural processing, tractors, and transportation. The local production means local employment, and local generation of income.
These new enterprises can meet the energy needs of under-served populations while reducing the environmental and health consequences of existingenergy use, particularly low quality biomass fuels such as wood and dung.

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