Food for Thought - Social Threefolding

Steiner distinguished three realms of society:

- the economy
- politics and human rights
- cultural institutions, including science, education, arts and religion

He suggested that the three would only function together harmoniously when each was granted sufficient independence. This has become known as "social threefolding".

Among the various kinds of macrosocial imbalance Steiner observed, there were three major types:

- Theocracy, in which the cultural sphere (in the form of a religious impulse) dominates the economic and political spheres.
- State Communism and state socialism, in which the state (political sphere) dominates the economic and cultural spheres.
- Corporate capitalism, in which the shareholder is the only or primary stakeholder, and in which the economic sphere dominates the cultural and political spheres

For more visit the Beats4Change Foundations web about Social Threefolding at http://www.beats4change.org/threefold/

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