Music is the weapon

"Music is the weapon for the givers of life" said Fela Kuti
Thus it's no surprise that the terrorist from Daesh, attacked a concert. Daesh, Boko Haram, Taleban, Al-Qaeda are death-cults, they are takers of life, and hate music, dance and celebration of life - they celebrate death and hate

 The attack on a concert, on cafees and near a sport-event, show that the fight terror is a part of isn't a territorial fight, but a global battle, a battle of values, between the freedom of culture and those who want to control it, between the idea about people being free individuals who participate as citizens in their community and the idea of people being subjects to authority 

 We the lovers will continue to raise our voices, beat our drums, hit our keys, pump our bass, pick our strings - move to the rythm and fly with the melody  

  We praise life - we are beats4change and #playforpeace, #playforlove, #playforhumanity - we #playfortheworld

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